Frequently Asked Questions

What if I travel for work or can’t make all of the scheduled meetings?2019-04-16T14:31:19+00:00

We understand the complexity of a heavy travel schedule. We request that this program be made a priority and that you arrange your schedule to make it to all sessions in person, and we respect that this will take something to make it happen. If an emergency pops up, we can work with you to be flexible, however, to complete the curriculum, you cannot miss more than 2 Tuesday sessions and you must be able to attend all of the Saturday sessions.

Is the Invited MBA an accredited degree?2019-01-02T17:42:25+00:00
No. The Invited MBA is based on Abilitie’s award-winning Immersion MBA curriculum which has been taken by rising and senior leaders at over 50 Fortune 500 companies. Abilitie’s programs have been utilized by institutions like Harvard Business School, MIT, IMD, the Hult International Business School, The University of Rochester, and the University of Texas McCombs School of Business. 
However, the Invited MBA itself is not an accredited program. It is a mini-MBA that is designed as a cost-effective alternative to a more in-depth MBA experience. Instead of an official accreditation, you will be able to display a badge of completion for the Invited MBA on your social networks (LinkedIn, etc.). You will also be given a special ‘Top Talent’ status on the Invited job network that will identify you as a rising business leader in the Austin area. 
Who developed the course content?2019-01-14T17:21:27+00:00

The Invited MBA is based on Abilitie’s Immersion MBA which is used by companies such as GE, Southwest Airlines, and Marriott to provide business acumen and leadership training to hundreds of their star employees. The team-based business competition that you will be exposed to has been commercialized directly out of the University of Texas MBA program. Other program components have been developed and honed by the Abilitie team for more than a decade and have won numerous awards over the years. In 2018, Abilitie was named one of the Top 10 Leadership Development companies in the US by HR Tech Outlook. 

Who teaches the course content?2019-01-14T17:22:43+00:00

The Saturday Immersive events that form the cornerstones of the Invited MBA are led by distinguished Abilitie faculty that have taught senior leaders from across the globe. In addition, the Tuesday Case Study discussion groups are facilitated by experienced business professionals or post-graduate students. Each small group will also meet with one of Austin’s Top Executives for a group work project and will present their findings back to the Star Executive.  

What is the depth of the course content? Is this just the”MBA starter-pack”?2019-01-14T17:24:23+00:00

No, this is not just a “starter-pack.” Unlike other low-cost offerings such as HBX or Smartly, the Invited MBA is the real deal. It teaches the same materials that students in their first year at a prestigious business school would be exposed to. 

What are the time requirements from me?2019-01-25T04:28:40+00:00

The Invited MBA is taught across ten weeks in the Spring and Fall of each year.  Each week, participants are expected to attend a two-hour small group Case Study Discussion on Tuesday nights. The entire cohort will meet on the three Saturdays throughout the fall for a full day (with a happy hour and optional dinner afterwards). Additionally, participants are expected to complete online modules in Finance and Data Analysis (approximately 20 hours of online self-study), prepare for their weekly Case Study discussions (approximately 2 hours each week for 10 weeks), and work on a group presentation to their assigned executive mentor. 

Is this the same content being taught to star employees at Southwest Airlines, McKinsey, GE, Dell, and Coca-Cola?2019-01-02T18:26:54+00:00

Yes, the curriculum that you will be exposed to is the same curriculum as Abilitie’s Immersion MBA, which is taught in high-potential leadership development programs at dozens of Fortune 500 companies. The curriculum won numerous awards over the years, most recently, the 2018 Brandon-Hall Gold Award for GE’s Digital Technology Leadership Program. 

Will recruiters observe the competitive simulations?2019-01-14T17:25:47+00:00

No. Each Saturday Immersive is held at one of the sponsoring company’s headquarters and you will be exposed to the sponsoring company’s facilities. However, recruiters are only allowed to present opening remarks, and may not observe your learning experience. They will also only be allowed to contact you with your specific permission. If you are asking for your employer to reimburse you for the educational expense, you can confidently say that, while the Invited MBA is a company-sponsored mini-MBA, it is not  a recruiting event and you are not required to join the Invited career network.  

What kind of outcomes can I expect from the Invited MBA?2019-01-02T18:27:48+00:00

The Invited MBA teaches the business knowledge necessary for success as a functional senior leader across all corporate business functions, from sales and marketing to operations and R&D. It is not an in-depth course of study into any one function (such as finance or operations) but rather a general-purpose MBA that puts your business acumen and leadership skills on a solid foundation. With over 18 years of experience in corporate HR, the designers of the Invited MBA know what it takes to succeed as a growing and senior business leader and have designed a curriculum that will provide you with the foundational tools in finance, marketing, operations, leadership, and people management to be successful in your chosen area.  

I already have a business undergraduate degree or minor. Is the Invited MBA for me?2019-01-02T18:28:24+00:00

The Invited MBA is for any leader that wants to advance to a senior-level leadership role in the future. Because the curriculum is a hands-on, practical, and case study based program, you will likely learn and benefit from the program even if you already have a foundational knowledge of business. Furthermore, the connections to accomplished peers, senior-level mentors, and Austin-based companies may make the curriculum worthwhile even if you already have advanced knowledge of finance and other MBA topics.  

How often has the Invited MBA been run?2019-01-02T18:28:44+00:00

The Abilitie team has performed extensive preparation for the inaugural cohort that will be selected for the Fall of 2019 and has held many pilot events over the past two years. The Invited MBA itself has not been run in the past. If you are accepted to the Fall 2019 class, you will be part of the inaugural cohort – and will be able to shape the future of this exciting new MBA alternative as a pioneer. You will likely meet entrepreneurial minded peers that are open to new experiences and that we believe will become the next generation of Austin’s Top Executive. 

Will I truly get my money back for any reason after I completed the program?2019-01-02T18:30:15+00:00

Yes. We believe that the Invited MBA program will add significantly to your career development. If you do not agree that you have received significant value from the program, you can request your money back at any time for up to one year from the program’s completion and we will refund you the full amount, no further questions asked.